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In this edition:

Report from Ms Richards - Acting Principal

I often attend Wednesday afternoon team meetings, and I am always struck by our teachers' capacity to work together and share their ideas to provide the best curriculum for all students. The work that is done during the end of term Planning Days is translated into weekly plans with key focuses in literacy, numeracy and the integrated curriculum, and then during meeting time, conversations are had about strategies that worked and ideas to build on what has been achieved. I have always been proud of the focus that Lara Lake places on delivering a strong curriculum, linked to Ausvels (our prescribed curriculum) and delivered in a way that is stimulating, and suited to the different needs of the students in each class. The amount of time that teachers spend planning the best curriculum is a credit to each of them. We are fortunate in each team to have teachers with a range of experience which they bring to these planning sessions and then share. The experience that teachers like Ian Robinson and Greg Quirk have is invaluable for supporting some of our less experienced staff. What is really rewarding, is the respect that all teachers have for each other, no matter how many years of experience they have, and the culture that thrives on sharing as a result. It is of course our students who must reap the benefits!

It has been great to visit all classrooms during the first fortnight and catch up with how much every child has improved. I am always amazed by the huge growth that our Preps in particular make, and have loved visiting their rooms and reading their writing and hearing them read. I take my hat off to the wonderful job that our Prep teachers do to support them, and the way in which you as parents help by listening to them read, talking to them about school, asking questions about their books, asking them to retell the story, encouraging them to write at home, talking to them about numbers etc. These sorts of things are invaluable in encouraging our young learners, so we thank you for all the support that you continue to give. And of course we will be welcoming our 2015 preps very soon with our transition program – a feature of term 4 planning.
I have enjoyed the opportunity over the past two weeks to take on the role of Acting Principal. Our staff, as always, have been very supportive. Steve Hargreaves has assisted me as Acting Assistant Principal, and I thank him as well. As much as I've enjoyed the role, I very much look forward to welcoming Noel back, who I have missed. I know he will have many stories to tell about his New York adventures, but will be very glad to be back at Lara Lake!

Here are 5 Engaging Activities to Help Young Children Retell stories:

1. Retelling bracelet:
Have children create a bracelet using a green bead for the beginning, a red bead for the ending and 3 or more other beads for the middle. As children retell a story have them slide a bead from left to right for the beginning and then another bead for each story component. With younger children I would use three 'detail' (middle beads) however, you may wish to increase the number with older students.

Student Allocation to 2015 Classes

Lara Lake Primary School is currently going through the process of placing students into grades over the next few weeks. Teachers have not yet been allocated to grades, and this process will occur later in the term when we know all staff intentions for the new year. It is not possible for parents to 'name their child's new teacher' and this is not an opportunity to do so.
A time window opening from 4pm on Wednesday, October 22 and closing at 4pm on Friday, October 31st will be available for the Principal to receive any parent feedback about their child's placement that is relevant to education and wellbeing.
This feedback may guide us in our placement decisions, but no promises can be made. The feedback should be in writing in a sealed envelope or via email to office only. It should only be addressed as ATTENTION PRINCIPAL, and be handed in directly to the office staff who will pass it on to the Principal. It should not come via the classroom teacher or be given to anybody else.
I have full confidence in all staff at Lara Lake to present professionally at all times and expect very few feedback items from the community on this point. As one of our values is based around respect, this process offers the chance for parents to offer their perspective if they feel the need.
It is important that parents understand that feedback offered outside this time window will not be accepted, save for exceptional circumstances. I thank you for your support in this process. Please note that whilst your letter will be acknowledged as being received, the outcome of your child's placement will occur using the same processes and timelines as all other children. This is in the interests of fairness for all.

Ukulele Group

17/10/2014 - 2:59pm

A group of excited students joined Mrs McKenzie to form a lunch time Ukelele Group. We look forward to hearing them performan at assemblies in the future, when they have learnt and practised...

Senior Area News

17/10/2014 - 2:38pm

On Thursday the 16th of October, the Grade 5 and 6s travelled by bus to Scienceworks in Spotswood. This term the Seniors Inquiry unit has been 'How Does It Work?' In the classroom we have been...

National School Chaplaincy Program

17/10/2014 - 1:50pm

The National School Chaplaincy Program offers much needed support to students who face a variety of different emotional challenges. The Chaplaincy program requires parent feedback to...

Prep 2015 Uniform Collection Day

17/10/2014 - 12:51pm

All current orders will be available for collection on Tuesday 28th October

Between the hours of 9am – 3pm


Inter School Equestrian

17/10/2014 - 12:49pm

Please find attached information regarding a schools annual Interschool Show Jumping Championships on Friday 14th November, 2014.

Regional Athletics Update

17/10/2014 - 12:44pm

Congratulations to Lara Lake Primary students Kim, Christopher, Sam, Jason, Nick, and Angus who competed at the Western Metro Regional Athletics Carnival on Tuesday 14th October. It is a great...

VPASS Sign In System

17/10/2014 - 12:25pm

We have introduced a new sign-in system for visitors to the school.  Visitors include Trainee Teachers, CRT's (Casual Relief Teachers), Gardeners, etc. There are four different colour tags on...

Walk To School

17/10/2014 - 10:44am

Walking – like all physical activity – is great for children's health and wellbeing. Through Walk to School, VicHealth encourages Victorian primary students to walk to and from school with their...

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