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A Net Set Go program is starting up in 2018 at North Geelong Friday nights, commencing February 2nd 2018.

Commencing February 2nd 2018 a Net Set Go program will operate at North Geelong on Friday night.

Cost: $3.00 per week for each player.

Time: 4.00pm -  5.30pm

North Geelong t/shirt will be supplied along with an information bag. Skills sessions, ball handling, footwork skills and general netball information will be done over the 10 week program. 

Contact Wendy Frears 0413 510 764 or Janine Matthey 0414 703 714 or Kim Hecker 0481 240 811 to register and orgnaise t/shirt.

Girls and boys are both welcome to attend. Age groups 5-6 years, 7-8 years, 9-10 years.

Important information. Please take the time to read.

Friday 22nd December is a pupil-free day. Students’ last day will be Thursday 21st December, finishing at 3.20pm.

The first day of school in 2018 for all students is Tuesday 30th January.


Thursday 21st December               Students’ last day of school. 3.20 dismissal

Friday 22nd December                    Curriculum Day. No school for students.

Monday 29th January                      Teachers begin school.

Tuesday 30th January                      All students begin school

Are you looking for swimming lessons for your children during the school holidays?
Bring your own iPad to school?

Please view the attached information.

At Lara Lake we believe iPads are essential for supporting the teaching and learning of all subject areas. They provide opportunities for independent creativity and design, collaborative group work (local and global) and will give our learners an abundance of educational resources at their fingertips, fostering critical thinking skills and curiosity. Having access to these devices will ensure our students develop the essential skills that are required in order for them to become global citizens.

iPad Program 2018 iPad Program 2018 (69 KB)

OSHC at Lara Lake PS
One of the key responsibilities a school has is to provide quality services, facilities and experiences for our students, your children. As is mandatory, all schools conduct reviews of various services including cleaning, uniform and the school has recently reviewed it’s Out of School Hours Care program and selected a new provider. 
TheirCare will come on board at the beginning of term one 2018. With the changeover from one provider to another, it will not be possible to hold a January vacation program. Vacation programs will operate in all subsequent holiday periods. The School was impressed by the program that TheirCare outlined and the quality of activities that students will engage in. Costs will be the same as at present. With the service being approved at last week's school council meeting, information for parents regarding registration is being provided today (Monday 27th November). We apologise for the short term inconvenience of not operating a January vacation program but believe the community will receive a higher quality service going forward.
Christmas family fun day.
If you are interested in having a great family day out at the local Lara pool, please view the attached.
Selected students visited Geelong Art Gallery to view professional artists who entered their works for the Archibald Prize.

Our Young Artists visited the Geelong Gallery today to experience and learn from professional artists who entered into one of Australia’s most prestigious arts awards, The Archibald Prize. It is awarded to the best portrait painting and it’s a who’s who of Australian culture, with subjects often including politicians, celebrities, sporting heroes, authors and artists.
If you have not already seen our students’ work hanging in the Gallery or at the Lara Library, take a look, it will not be there for much longer.
What a great experience for our artists and encouragement for them to continue with their art.


Looking forward to new arrivals.

We are thrilled to announce that in 2018 there will be some new arrivals to the Lara Lake Primary School Community. 

Mrs. Jess Hull is expecting a bundle of joy in March, while Mrs. Ellie Johnson is expecting one in May! Both teachers will be back at Lara Lake Primary School to start off 2018. We wish them both the best of luck! At least we know they love children!

The Sunsmart time of the year has commenced.

A reminder that hats need to be worn from September 1st until the end of April 30th.

Due to potential allergic reactions, if the children wear sunscreen, it needs to be applied before school and for re-application students are required to carry their own sunscreen. 

We're updating our communication channels, developing a streamlined approach to sharing information with our community.

Communication – First Steps

Dear Parents/Carers

This school is undertaking a review of its communication strategies and is developing streamlined approaches to sharing information and being transparent with our community. This is in response to the observation that there are multiple information means that sometimes overlap. It can cause confusion as to where they access particular information.

The school has already implemented components of Sentral for areas including student reports and Parent Teacher Interviews. A great advantage of Sentral is that it can only be accessed through secure log in details of each family. It is not publically broadcast. This ensures that movement of students (eg beach excursions, bus trips, local walks) and other details are not accessible to anyone except those who are registered users - you. You will also see this philosophy reflected in the information that is posted on our noticeboard.

As from this week, we have opened a Parent Calendar that parents and carers can access by logging on to Sentral. The Calendar will continue to become populated with news of events coming up. You will be able to click on links where available to see what excursion sites offer your children. Sports, interviews, school holidays and other events will all be available here.

In keeping with our goal of adding no new links/media that may confuse parents and carers, this calendar will replace Facebook and Website information. Over the next few months, we will be using FB, the web site and Sentral with a view to phasing out FB and the web site by 1st December.

To access the Calendar:

Click on your child,

Click Applications and then,

Click on the Calendar.

I acknowledge that it will take some time to become the standard practice for many but I urge you to log into Sentral and check out this new feature.

If you have any issues, please contact the office.

Steve Durkin


Exciting games to play and prizes to win with School Banking.

On Monday 16th October 2017, School Banking will launch the Future Savers game, our first ever augmented reality experience.  This amazing technology will bring the future world to life for you to explore and play in with the 3D Dollarmites. Imagine flying a drone through a 3D futuristic city or playing hover basketball in your room while learning useful money lessons along the way.  The Future Savers game will have three fun challenges that will be unlocked week by week. Look out for another flyer with more informaiton when the Future Savers game is launched in Term 4. For now, learn more at

CBA News CBA News (182 KB)

Are you looking to hire a venue for your club?

The Lara Lake Primary School gymnasium is hired out most evenings to a local club however Saturday and Sunday are still available if there are any other clubs that might like to have access to a large hall with wooden basketball flooring, only suitable for runners / sneakers.  For all enquiries please contact the Business Manager, Kerry Hamence Ph. 52821261. All hirers need to have Public Liability insurance and sign a Lara Lake PS Hire Agreement. Charges for hall hire are as per the charge schedule, which will be made available upon expression of interest.

The school ‘squoval’ is also available for hire after school hours or during the weekend and/or school holidays. Again, there is a requirement for Public Liability insurance.