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Student Reports and Parent-Teacher Interviews

We have most parents logged into our Sentral Parent Portal, which is vital to access student reports and book in for Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews. Thanks to all parents who have responded so positively to this new system of reporting. We are well and truly heading into the digital age and we have parents jumping on board in droves which is great to see.

I have included some pointers in the article below regarding how to approach reading your child's reports. The format is very different this year and we hope you will embrace the changes that we have worked hard to make. Hours of work and thought have been put into writing each report and we really want you to share this information with your child so they know their areas of celebration; and also their areas of challenge. 

Remember that reports go 'live' to parents via the Parent Portal on Monday at approximately 1:00pm so keep your eyes out for that online event.

Remember also that parents can still book in to see their child's teacher for Parent-Teacher Interviews on Thursday, June 25th at the school. Remember that this day is pupil-free apart from having to turn up with your child to the interview at the prescribed time.

Thanks for supporting your children during the first semester. We are proud of each and every one of them. They are precious.

Dates to Remember

Remember to keep the following dates in mind as you plan your busy life around your child's school commitments:

  • Thursday, June 25: Parent-Teacher-Child Interview - no normal school
  • Friday, June 26: Last Day of Term 2. Early Dismissal at 2:30pm
  • Monday, July 13: First Day of Term 3
  • Friday, September 4: Pupil Free Day - Anaphylaxis Training for All Staff

Reading Your Child's Reports

Reports can mean anxious times for children. Will my parents be disappointed or proud? This is the main concern of most children. "Could try harder . . . always does her best . . . lacks concentration . . . easily distracted . . . a pleasure to teach . . ."

Do these comments, taken from a batch of student reports, sound familiar? Student reports bring mixed feelings for parents. Pleasure and pride if they are performing well but considerable angst when children are not progressing as you hoped. Reports can mean anxious times for children too. Will my parents be disappointed or proud? This is the main concern of most children. Kids of all ages take their cues from their parents, so your reaction to their school report can affect the way they see themselves as learners and as people.

Before you download your child's report, do a little self-check to see if you are in the right frame of mind:

1. Are your expectations for your son or daughter realistic and in line with their ability?

Expectations are tricky. If they are too high then kids can be turned off learning. Too low; and there is nothing to strive for. Pitch your expectations in line with your child's abilities. A quick check of your child's last report cards may provide you with a good yardstick.

2. Do you believe that children learn at different rates?

There are slow bloomers, late developers and steady-as-you-go kids in every classroom, so avoid comparing your child to siblings, your friends' children and even yourself when you were a child. Instead look for individual progress.

3. Are you willing to safeguard your child's self-esteem rather than deflate it?

Self-confidence is a pre-requisite for learning, so be prepared to be as positive and encouraging as possible; whilst building in your expectations for effort and progress. It is a delicate balance, but knowing your child well is the first step. School reports should provide you with an idea of your child's progress, their attitude and social development.

Here are some ideas to consider when you open your child's report:

  • Focus on strengths. Do you look for strengths or weaknesses first? The challenge is to focus on strengths even if they are not in the traditional 3R's or core subjects.
  • Take into account your child's effort and attitude to learning. If the report indicates that effort is below standard, then you have something to work on. If your child is putting in the required effort, then you cannot ask any more than that, regardless of the grading.
  • Broaden your focus away from academic performance to form a picture of your child's progress as a member of a social setting. How your child gets along with his or her peers will influence his happiness and well-being, as well as give an indicator to his future. The skills of independence and co-operation are highly valued by employers so don't dismiss these as unimportant.
  • Take note of student self- assessment when you ask them about their progress. Kids are generally very honest and will give a realistic assessment of their progress. They are generally very perceptive so take note of their opinions.
  • Discuss the report with your son or daughter talking about strengths first before looking at areas that need improvement. Ask for their opinion about how they performed and discuss their concerns.

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Prep 100 Days Celebration

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Art Work

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This is not a healthy choice
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Vacation Care With Our Own Providers

26/06/2015 - 10:28am

If you are looking for vacation care, please view the attached information. School Support Services run our in-school OSHC program.

Information from CBA Student Banking

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Australian of the Day Awards
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