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Staffing Announcements and Acknowledgements for 2015

Every year in a large school, there are significant changes of staff as people leave to have children, choose to go for promotion, retire, decide to travel or take leave; along with many other reasons for making changes to their lives. In this way, we are just like any other workplace in Australia which manages the coming and going of staff. In 2015, this is no different as we farewell and welcome members of our team as the summer break approaches.
It is always very difficult to single out a person apart from the rest, as every individual is important to us. It would, however, be remiss of me not to mention the retirement of Mrs Lesley Duff at the end of 2014 after more than 33 years at Lara Lake Primary School. Lesley has been a loyal and trusted member of the team since joining us as a parent of children at the school. She has a long and distinguished history of assisting in the office and then holding down the key role of Business Manager. In my time at the school, Lesley has been an invaluable asset to the smooth running of the place. I attribute much of the success we have experienced at Lara Lake to this fine lady. She will be sorely missed by the staff team, and indeed the entire school community. Typical of many great people, she operates mainly in the background, preferring to let her fantastic work do the talking. I know I join the entire Lara Lake School Community in wishing her well in her retirement. She will be back in 2015 helping us transition in the office, but her 'official' days at our school finish at the end of this year. Well done, Lesley. We will all miss you.

I would like to wish the following staff the best of luck as they either move on temporarily or possibly permanently from Lara Lake.
• Mrs Nyree Asmussen will be leaving to have her first child. Such an exciting time of life for Nyree and we can't wait to see her back in the future. Good luck delivering Junior Asmussen into the world early in 2015.
• Mr Brad Lynch, Miss Jamie Saggers and Mrs Samantha Hair are all taking 12 months leave to pursue personal interests. We wish them well in their travel and adventures and look forward to seeing their smiling faces back in 2016 or beyond.
• Mrs Jae Leddin will continue Family Leave into 2015 and we will be seeing her again sometime in the future. She gave birth to her first child in 2014 and is loving being a mum
• Ms Annette Ward has been an Integration Aide at our school for 4 years. We wish Annette the best in her endeavours as she moves to another phase of her working life.
• Miss Kiah Brown has been successful in picking up a teaching position at another school. Kiah has worked tirelessly for us in 2013 and 2014 and we are so proud that she has this opportunity to cement her teaching career. Good luck, Kiah.
• Ms Lauren Rau has been working with Mrs Kerry Barnwell in SBA every second Friday this year. We wish Lauren the best as she moves onto another school in 2015.
• Mrs Sandy Kasperovic, who works in our front office, has picked up a promotion at Rollins Primary School in their office and we cannot thank her enough for her wonderful contributions to our team since joining. We wish her the best in her new role.
In 2015, we welcome back Mrs Amanda Jaques and Mrs Laura Kelson to our staff team after taking maternity leave. We really missed them both and cannot wait to have them up and running in 2015. How lucky we are to regain their loyal services and skills. Mr Bruce Wood, our Leading Teacher, will also return after spending the majority of 2014 in an Acting Assistant Principal role at Belmont Primary School. We are lucky to have Bruce’s skills and services return to us.
The new year also ushers in the chance to welcome our newest staff to the group. Mr Brenton Barnes is a new Graduate Teacher and he will be taking the reins in Prep. Mr Justin Rae joins us as the leader of the Grade 2 team. Justin comes to us with wonderful credentials from Northern Bay College. Miss Ashleigh Marruso is another Graduate Teacher who will work in Grade 2. Ashleigh has been a Pre-Service Teacher at Lara Lake and the children just adored her. Mrs Brea Gourley joins the group in Grade 5 and she has also worked at Northern Bay College. We welcome her to the group. Our new Science Teacher is Miss Cassandra Guarracino and we are excited to have gained her services. She comes from the lovely town of Elliminyt. Ms Mardi Pulleine will be undertaking a specialist role and she has been doing replacement teaching for a number of years at Lara Lake and is already a trusted member of the group. We are lucky to have such wonderful, new staff.
Below, I have listed the entire Lara Lake Staff Team for 2015. It is a privilege to work with them all.
• Prep Team: Kelly Roberts, Lauren Kitchin, Kirby Rumsey, Jazz Campling, Brenton Barnes
• Grade 1 Team: Carmen Britnell, Amy Whitworth, Amanda Dobbin, Cathy Dowling
• Grade 2 Team: Justin Rae, Ellie Brauer, Greg Quirk, Lucy Kennedy, Ashleigh Marruso
• Grade 3 Team: Andy Muir, Randall Hill, Susan Torriero, Ian Robinson
• Grade 4 Team: Amanda Jaques/Laura Kelson, Mani Schubert, Austin Robinson (Mrs Jaques and Mrs Kelson will share a grade over the course of the week)
• Grade 5 Team: Melissa Tinkler, Brea Tucker, Leigh Robinson, Brea Gourley
• Grade 6 Team: Kerry Barnwell/Laura Kelson, Damien Schmidt, Jess Amezdroz (Ms Barnwell and Mrs Kelson will share a grade over the course of the week)
• Science Specialist: Cassandra Guarracino
• Visual Arts: Steve Hargreaves, Sonja Chwalko (Mr Hargreaves will be the Acting Assistant Principal each Friday)
• Physical Education: Ricky Davis
• Music: Megan McKenzie
• Other Specialists: Sarah Blair, Mardi Pulleine
• Leading Teacher Prep-2: Simone Weidner
• Leading Teacher Grades 3-6: Bruce Wood
• Major Projects and Student Engagement: Zane Moylan
• Assistant Principal: Sue Richards
• Principal: Noel Creece
• Office Administration: Penelope Stones, Leanne Wingad, Melissa Pearce
• Integration and Support Staff: Ros Beckley, Jennie Farrington, Sue Rau, Christine Donnelly, Rhona Reichman, Bronwyn Drew, Lynne Willmott, Kathy Bernoth, Leah Anderson
• Other Support Staff: Mark McCabe, Steve Gnjec, Reuben Johnson

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I want to personally wish all of the children Merry Christmas. It is a time when the excitement on their faces reaches fever pitch. The promise of Santa (or at least his presents) makes the world seem like a fresh and innocent place and, as an adult, it brings back happy memories of 'just being a kid'. I hope all families have a safe and happy break and we cannot wait to see you all back in 2015; fresh as daisies.

I want to wish the exiting Grade 6 Graduates all the best in their new lives as the move onto High School. I hope they have fond memories of the journey they took through Lara Lake and that it holds a special place in their hearts as they remember their school days. Life goes by so quickly; and I hope everyone passing through smelt some roses. I certainly did and wish those I will not see again a happy and prosperous life.

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