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Key Dates

  • Tuesday, August 4: GPAC Music Performance (leaving at 9am)
  • Tuesday, August 4: Prep Breakfast at 9am
  • Friday, August 7: Department Assemblies at 2:45pm
  • August 12 to 14: Juniors Roaming Reptiles (Incursion)
  • Friday, August 14: Whole School Assembly at 2:35pm
  • Friday, August 21: District Athletics (for selected Grade 3-6 students)
  • Friday, August 21: Department Assemblies at 2:45pm
  • Thursday, August 27: Book Week Parade at 9am-11am
  • Friday, August 28: Whole School Assembly at 2:35pm
  • Friday, September 4: Pupil Free Day (Anaphylaxis Training for Staff)
  • Friday, September 11: Department Assemblies at 2:45pm
  • Friday, September 18: Whole School Assembly at 1:35pm
  • Friday, September 18: Last Day of Term 3 (early dismissal at 2:30pm)

Learning at Lara Lake

I sit in deep conversation with teachers at the half way point of the year and we celebrate and challenge one another in regard to student learning and wellbeing. A folder is produced by each teacher with work samples and anecdotal notes and we talk about what has worked well in the previous 6 months. Strictly speaking, it is referred to as a Performance Review. Far from being a big stick to keep teachers in line; it is more the opportunity to take a break and celebrate what is working well inside the classrooms at our great school. To ensure there is rigour, we also set a tangible goal to strive for the next level of learning so that all of the staff are "on their toes" and are seeking to constantly improve.

I am amazed and proud of what happens inside our classrooms. Our children are exposed to some wonderful teaching and learning opportunities. I am also very satisfied that our fabulous staff are not resting on their laurels and are constantly challenging each other to improve for the sake of the children in their care. Over the next few weeks, Sue Richards and I will talk to all staff in these Performance Reviews. I know the staff get as much out of these talks as we do.

Let Your Kids Amaze You

I'm amazed at what children CAN do when given the opportunity and encouragement. I love the pride, confidence and sense of purpose and pleasure in contributing each new skill achieved brings. Their smiles are awesome too. I often wonder: "What would be the impact if we did less, not more for our children?" 

We get joy in watching our children develop independence. Adults are often the gatekeepers for children's independence. We open the gate to independence when we give children opportunities to develop self-help skills (carry their own schoolbags, get themselves up in the morning, tidy their own rooms); provide them with real responsibility (feeding pets, setting the meal table and preparing meals) and give them autonomy to make some of their own decisions (choosing clothes within limits, following own interests, making choices about pocket-money spending).

We close the independence gate when we do too much for children (tidy their toys away, pack their schoolbags, make simple snacks); rescue them from learning opportunities (take forgotten lunches to school, sort out their friendship problems, pay their library fines) and neglect to build scaffolds to independence (such as help them make their bed, walk half way to school, teach them to ride public transport).

It's a quirk of parenting that many children think they are older than they are, and parents think their children are younger than they are. We underestimate children's abilities to the detriment of their development.

Are you an opener or closer of the gate to children's independence?

Think of independence as a continuum with opening the gate and closing the gate at either end. If your parenting is more at the closing end then look for ways to move down the continuum towards independence building. Make small adaptations to your parenting. For instance, start with a child making their own snacks before moving to helping you to prepare a meal. But first you need to develop a mindset for independence building. That means, be on the lookout for opportunities for children to do things for themselves.

The job of parents is to make ourselves redundant from the earliest possible age of a child's life. That means, that our interactions with kids have an endgame in mind – we want our kids to be able to stand on their own two feet physically (Don't we get a kick out of them walking for the first time!), emotionally (with support, of course) and to navigate their world without being reliant on others.

There is no better feeling as a parent than watching your child beam with joy and pride when they've mastered a new skill, overcome a challenge or conquered a fear. It's those times that make parenting so worthwhile. Those awesome smiles won't happen by accident. They require a parenting style that gives kids a chance to be independent; that encourages them to be brave and offers them the safety net of emotional support when life throws them curve balls. Why not try it? Give your kids a chance to amaze you.

Crossing The Road - To And From School

31/07/2015 - 12:52pm

A member of the Lara community has rung the school to inform us of some unsafe road crossing practices at 6 Ways and along Forest Road. All students should be using the supervised school crossings...

OSHC - Pupil Free Day Expression of Interest

31/07/2015 - 12:18pm

OSHC is currently taking expressions of interest to run a session on the upcoming scheduled Pupil Free Day: Friday 4th September July 2015.
To run a session we require a minimum of 10...

KidsLinks Shopping Tour 2015

31/07/2015 - 12:16pm

Its shopping time again, the 2015 Kids Links Shopping Trip will be on Saturday November 14th.
The deposit of $20 needs to be paid when booking a seat. The final payment needs to be received...

Current News

31/07/2015 - 11:47am

Uniform Orders

If you wish to order new uniform, try to have uniform orders in by Tuesday morning, to give us time to process them financially, as they’re usually packed by...

Visual Art Update

31/07/2015 - 11:20am

The teachers of the Visual Arts program are Mrs Chwalko, Mrs Blair, Ms Pulleine and Mr Hargreaves.
As you will be aware, this year is the 150th celebration of Lara Lake School Anniversary...

Prep Breakfast Update

31/07/2015 - 10:36am

The lucky Preps can wear their pyjamas to school on 4th August to take part in the Prep breakfast. We recommend they bring a spare set of clothing and shoes for comfort, if they wish to change...

Photos - House Captain, School Captain

31/07/2015 - 10:07am

If you wish to order a House Captains, Junior School Council or School Captain photo you can order online at Arthur Reed Photographers. http://www.arphotos....

Science Update

31/07/2015 - 9:54am

The Science Specialist team, Mrs Blair, Ms Pulleine, Ms. Kelson and Ms. Guarracino are excited to be back and happy to see everyone has had a wonderful break. With the start of a new term we have...

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