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Programs are on offer through COGG Regional Parenting Services, 'Ariston', 245-249 Pakington St, Newtown. Regional Parenting Services is supported by the Victorian Government.

Turning Into Kids - A program for parents of children aged 4 to 8 years.  Emotionally competent or intelligent people can identify and understand their own emotions, successfully use emotions during social interactions, use emotional awareness to guide solving problems, deal with frustration and are able to wait to get what they want. This 6 week session parenting program is to help children learn to understand and regulate their emotions which in turn leads to becoming more resilient.

Bringing Up Great Kids - A program focused on children aged 12 months to 12 years. A 6 week fun and interactive program based on mindfulness and reflection. Would  you like to gain a greater understanding of your own parenting style?

Parenting Your Teenager - A program for parents of adolescents aged 12 to 18 years. Are you mystified, anxious, angry or have just given up trying to understand your teenager? This program will attempt to give you some of the answers.  Bringing Up Great Kids  Parenting your Teenager  Tuning Into Kids



Are you looking for some swimming lessons?

Enrol now for H2O swimming lessons for ages 4 years and above at the Kardinia International College, Geelong.

Please view the attached information.


Swimming Lessons Swimming Lessons (285 KB)


We are changing our bell times to maximise social, emotional and wellbeing outcomes for the students.


To maximise social, emotional and wellbeing outcomes for students, School Council has approved a plan to trial, in Term 3, the reduction of time students are outside during lunchtime recess. The last ten minutes of lunch recess is of concern as our long-term data shows that most accidents and incidents occur during this time. As an example, incidents (disagreements, social issues and general niggles) occur at a rate of 4:1 in comparison to the 40 minutes before.  In the Sick Bay recently, we had very few accidents for 40 minutes; but then 24 students with varying degrees of injury presented in the last ten minutes of lunchtime. It is normal that children have some small accidents and/or disagreements; but they proliferate in those last ten minutes – thus the need for a trial to see if it has positive effects. As another possible positive, the shorter times mean that during very cold and very hot weather our children are exposed less to the elements.

New Times for Term 3 Trial

First Session: 9.00am - 11.00am (120 minutes)

Morning Recess:  11.00am - 11.30am (30 minutes)

Second Session: 11.30am - 1.30am (120 minutes)

Inside Supervised Eating time: 1.30pm - 1.40pm (10 minutes)

Afternoon Recess: 1.40pm - 2.20pm (40 minutes)

Third Session: 2.20pm - 3.20pm (60 minutes)




Vacation care from School Support Services, who operate our OSHC program.

School Holidays are fast approaching!

School Support Services will be offering a vacation care program run from Lara Lake Primary School. We welcome new & existing families to the vacation care program. Children must be between 5-12 years and enrolled in primary school to access vacation care. Please email to make an enquiry or a booking. Vacation Care will run from Monday 27th May 2016 - Friday 8th May 2016.  

Enquire now to secure a spot for your child/ren! Please view the program for the upcoming holidays!

School Support Services School Holiday Program School Support Services School Holiday Program (414 KB)


Have you enrolled your child for Prep 2017?

Thank you to the families who have enrolled their Prep 2017 children. A reminder to all families currently at Lara Lake Primary School – please complete enrolment paperwork for your 2017 Prep now to ensure their position is locked in. If you have any friends who you know will be enrolling, please encourage them to get their enrolments in early to secure their spot too.

Enrolment forms are available on our website. Click on the link under 'Enrolments'.

Harpers Bathroom have made a donation to the school of $1,000 for the new Playground. Our sincere thanks for their kind donation.