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An information session on how to discover and encourage your child's natural talents.

Unlocking Your Child’s Genius is an evening session for parents.  This session will also be held at Western Heights College. 

Please view the attached information to see if this is a session you would like to attend.


Have you applied for CSEF?

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) commenced in 2015 for four years and will provide payments for eligible students to attend camps, sports and excursions. Families holding a valid means-tested concession card or temporary foster parents are eligible to apply. $125 per year is paid for eligible primary school students, with $225 per year paid for eligible secondary school students. A special consideration eligibility category also exists. Payments are made directly to the school and are tied to the student. Don’t miss your opportunity to apply for this funding for your children.

Applications close 3rd June, 2016 and no late applications will be accepted. Call by the office to complete a form or ring Ph. 5282 1261 to ensure your application has been received. Please don’t just assume it is ‘in’.


50th Year Anniversary of a tragedy that linked two schools from across the globe.

A significant event occurred in 1966 which helped define our school, its values and its emblem. At approximately 9.15am on Friday 21st October, Merthyr Vale colliery tip, situated on the mountainside overlooking the village of Aberfan in South Wales, United Kingdom, slipped and descended upon Pantglas Junior School like an avalanche; destroying both the school and 20 nearby houses which lay in its path. It rendered other houses in the vicinity unsafe for habitation. Half a million tonnes of coal waste, in a tidal wave 40 feet high, levelled the unsuspecting village. Being the last day before term break; school was in session. One hundred and forty four children and adults died – 116 of whom were schoolchildren at Pantglas, which represented half of its total student population, together with 5 of their teachers. This was a tragedy of monstrous proportion and it rocked the entire country.
Upon hearing of this horrific tragedy, Lara Lake Primary School students provided assistance to the community of Aberfan. We raised money, wrote letters of empathy and encouragement, and generally offered much-needed moral support for the beleaguered Aberfan School and its survivors.
As a result of these efforts, the residents of Aberfan sent over letters of thanks, as well as pictures of the Welsh dragon – the symbol on the flag of Wales. Subsequently, we adopted the emblem of Wales for our official school insignia; and it remains to this day.
In a tragic twist of irony, a large grass fire destroyed the main Lara Lake school building, along with much of the township, in 1969. Students began the new year with classes in the local hall and in the nearby Methodist Sunday School building. The community of Aberfan donated money to our school which was used to purchase an electric clock for each classroom. The two towns have forevermore been inextricably linked.

KidsLinks special lunch day.

KidsLinks are holding a special lunch day for the students. On Tuesday 7th June they will be driving back and forth from the local Six Ways Fish & Chip shop to bring packet upon packet of fish and chips to the students who have ordered them. Six Ways Fish & Chip shop have kindly opened their doors on their day off to cook up a storm and we thank them for their help.

As this is a fundraiser for KidsLinks and an occasional treat, we ask that no outside take-away be brought to school for students who choose not to take up the option of fish and chips.  Therefore, lunch will need to be brought from home as usual.

Can you help?  If you are able to help on the day, please contact the office and leave your details.  Ph: 5282 1261


Free Netball Clinic run by SEDA.
Over the next two weeks grade 3 students will have some netball clinics run by SEDA.  SEDA are an education group of year 11 and 12 students.  The clinics will be run at school at no cost to families.
OSHC will run a session on Tuesday 14th June & Thursday 23rd June if they receive 10 or more applications.
OSHC is currently taking expressions of interest to run sessions on the upcoming scheduled Pupil Free Days :
  • Curriculum Day – Tuesday, 14th June, 2016
  • Parent Teacher Interviews – Thursday, 23rd June, 2016

To run a session we require a minimum of 10 children.
The cost per child is $50 (if you are entitled to CCB/CCR this will be a reduced rate) for the day and the session runs from 7.30am-600pm. 
If you are interested in booking a session for your child/ren, please email
Thank you kindly
Lynn McTavish
School Support Services
Operations Manager
E  :
W :
M  : 0488 662 783

KidsLinks BBQ outside Coles.

KidsLinks have been given an opportunity by Lara Coles to hold a fundraising BBQ outside their doors.  If you are able to help please contact the office and leave your details. Many hands make light work so please consider donating anything from an hour through to the whole BBQ time from 10.00am until 2:00pm on Sunday 5th June, 2016. 

If you are visiting Coles on Sunday 5th June, please stop by and say hello and maybe buy a sausage or two to enjoy.