PLAY IS THE WAY® at Lara Lake Primary School

Play Is The Way is a philosophy of behaviour education and student self-regulation that fosters independent, self-motivated, empathetic, life-long learners.
It is a practical methodology for teaching social and emotional skills using:

  •     A unique program of physically interactive games (that both require and develop personal and social competencies).
  •     5 guiding concepts (that are embedded through classroom activities and serve as a moral compass to help children do what they believe is right as opposed to doing what they are told).
  •     A specific and empowering self-reflective language (that helps children to master their behaviour in preparation for a responsible life in free society).
At each department assembly our teachers give out ‘The Golden Rule Award’ to those students who exemplify the schools values. These values are directly linked to Play Is the Way and the 5 guiding concepts.

The guiding concepts are:

  • Treat others how you wish to be treated (The golden rule)
  • Pursue your personal best
  • Have reasons for the things you say and do
  • Be brave- Participate to progress
  • It takes great strength to be sensible
We want our students to be able to care for themselves, others and the environment. Not because we say so, but because they know it’s the right thing to do