Their Care -  OSHC Program

Before School Care

Before School Care: 7.00am - 9.00am.  Starting from 7.00am and includes a nutritious breakfast.

After School Care  

After School Care: 3:30pm - 6:30pm

How to enrol and Book

Full enrolment instructions can be found at  Registrations and service bookings/cancellations are easily managed through the convenient mobile phone app or web portal. 

  • Permanent bookings can be made on the same days every week that simply carry out throughout the year.
  • Casual bookings are irregular based on your needs. The most cost effective way to use the service is to book 7 days in advance.  
  • Late bookings, that is a booking made within 48 hours of a service, incurs a small late fee.
  • Late pick up incurs a fee charged per minute.
  • Cancellations can be made up to 48 hours before the session without a charge however cancellations within 48 hours of the session will incur a small cancellation fee.
TheirCare provides a stimulating and safe environment for all children, an environment where children come and enjoy their time in their program. During session time children develop life skills, friendships, confidence and creativity through play.

TheirCare Philosophy

At TheirCare we pride ourselves on providing a safe, educational, stimulating, nurturing and caring environment.  TheirCare's purpose is to incorporate the needs, interests and learning development of children whilst in our care, to ensure all children and families have a sense of belonging.

TheirCare educators are motivated, well trained and professional and their focus is your children.
All team members have:
  • Valid working with children checks (or equivalent)
  • First Aid level 2
  • Training in anaphylaxis and asthma
  • CPR
  • Food safety


Planned and unplanned activities are available at every session.  Activities are planned based on the children's interest, needs and developmental stages.
Examples include: 
  • Cooking experience
  • Science experiments
  • External workshop (incursions)
  • Day to day activities such as Lego, building blocks, drawings, creative play and dance
  • Themes
  • Building models such as aeroplanes, cars, sips and houses
  • Physical activities (outdoor play)


Safety - Decisions and action are established around safety
Education - Children learn and experience something new every day
Nurturing - Children have a sense of belonging and trust
Stimulating - We motivate and encourage children to be and do their best
Empathy - Every child is important