KidsLinks is a dedicated group of enthusiastic parents who voluntarily coordinate and facilitate effective fundraising activities for each calendar year. The committee work within the structures of the School Council, with particular reference to the School Council Resources Subcommittee. A Teacher Coordinator works with the KidsLinks Fundraising Committee to target effective fundraising activities that are used to purchase items that directly benefit the students of the school.
Each year there is a financial target for the KidsLinks Fundraising Committee and the activities selected are done so with the aim of that target in mind. There are some activities organised which tend to be annual events, the 4 Special Lunches for students, Mother’s day and Father’s day and then there are sometimes one off events that are included in certain years, e.g. School Trivia nights, whole school raffles.
The Committee are proud of the equipment purchased through fundraising for the students at Lara Lake Primary School and will continue to focus on how we can smoothly and consistently coordinate activities that raise money for the students and enhance each year’s events.

Volunteers In The School

In the modern classroom, it is generally accepted that supporting children is best achieved through the collective efforts of teachers and parents. Children are more likely to achieve, be happier and feel fully supported when there is a healthy home/school partnership. At Lara Lake Primary School, we value the support of volunteers inside our classrooms. They perform important roles which support student learning and assist teachers. The School greatly appreciates their efforts. It is important that volunteers have a consistent approach to the tasks undertaken in the classroom and that volunteers regulate their behaviours so they remain highly professional and positive at all times. In particular, the issue of confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

We ask all volunteers to complete a Parents As Helpers In Classroom protocol, available from the school office, and provide a Working With Children Check, accessible at