Students in the 21st century students spend increasing amounts of time online; learning and collaborating. To be safe online and to gain the greatest benefit from the opportunities provided through an online environment, students need to do the right thing by themselves and others online, particularly when no one is watching.

Lara Lake Primary School believes the teaching of cyber safety and responsible online behaviour is essential in the lives of students and is best taught in partnership between home and school.

Safe and responsible behaviour is explicitly taught at our school and parents/carers are requested to reinforce this behaviour at home. Some online activities are illegal and as such, may be reported to police.

Lara Lake Primary School uses the Internet and Digital Technologies as teaching and learning tools. We see them as valuable resources but acknowledge they must be used responsibly.

1-1  iPad Program

At Lara Lake we believe iPads are essential for supporting the teaching and learning of all subject areas. They provide opportunities for independent creativity and design, collaborative group work (local and global), and will give our learners an abundance of educational resources at their fingertips, fostering critical thinking skills and curiosity. Having access to these devices will ensure our students develop the essential skills that are required in order for them to become global citizens.

At Lara Lake we run a 1-1 iPad program in Grade 3-6 (bring your own iPad), and provide a limited amount of school owned devices for our Prep – 2 grades.

Children use Google Education Accounts, provided by the Department of Education, to safely store and access their information. Each device will be managed by the school using Jamf (Casper). This allows our technicians to effectively add applications and troubleshoot issues with devices.

At Lara Lake we believe in BLENDED learning. The iPad will be used sparingly and conventional learning tools such as books, rulers, pens and pencils will predominate.