We aim to foster a love of Mathematics in our students and to make them life – long Mathematicians who are numerate and can apply their understanding to everyday life.

We teach Maths every day. We value Mathematics and communicate its importance to students.

We teach a minimum of 5  hours of Mathematics per week.

Where possible, we teach Maths in the morning blocks: 9:00 – 11:00 or 11:30 – 1:30.

In Mathematics lessons, we make the learning intention and success criteria explicit so students understand exactly what they are learning and what they have to do to be successful.  The learning intention will be based on the Victorian Curriculum and needs of the students.

We collect data on students so we know where students are placed in terms of their learning via prior and ongoing assessment. We plan to teach at point of need. 

We differentiate teaching so learning needs are catered for across the class.

We use an agreed model for instruction in Mathematics which may include students working as a whole class, small groups and / or individuals.  

We use an agreed lesson structure for Mathematics.

We use the Victorian Curriculum as a guide for curriculum delivery and in department teams, follow an agreed schedule of delivery.

We aim to ensure that adequate time (minimum 30 to 45 minutes each session, depending on year level) is devoted to student time on task, where students are actively engaged in Mathematical investigations.

We have equipment ready for students to use (e.g. dice, counters, MAB or other base 10 material, calculators etc.) and ensure that tasks are ‘hands on’ to cater for student needs.

We provide feedback to students about  and help them to plan for improvement.

We use a variety of teaching strategies to best support student learning (e.g. Collaborative learning, ability grouping, mixed-ability groupings etc.)