Class Work

  • We learn to listen to the beat, rhythm and tune in music
  • We use voice as our main instrument, and we practice "in tune singing"
  • We learn to read and write music
  • We use French time names (ta and te te) to describe rhythm
  • We use solfa names (doh, re, me) and hand signs to describe tune
  • We learn to play musical instruments in small and large groups
  • We use tuned instruments such as marimba, recorders and, ukuleles
  • We use untuned percussion such as drums, tambourines and shakers
  • We use our skills to read, write and perform our own compositions
  • We learn drama and dance skills, which we use in performances.
  • We employ the "you can do it "principles of persistence (learning new skills), getting along (group work), Confidence (performing)


  • We learn to play marimba and xylophones, as well as many percussion instruments, and ukulele
  • The Marimba program continues throughout their schooling, so that every child learns a tuned instrument at Lara Lake P.S
  • We learn the conventions of playing in small and large groups
  • We learn how to perform, when to start and stop, and how to be "real musicians"

Extension Programs

  • We have a long tradition of choirs at Lara Lake Primary School
  • Choir meets once a week at lunchtime, and performs at assemblies, at GPAC at the Geelong Schools Music Festival, as well as in concerts and local festivals

Concerts and Special Events

  • We have regular school concerts and performances. These vary in scale and provide the chance for students to participate at their own level, while encouraging them to further develop their confidence skills
  • Some examples of performances: Upper school production of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dream coat, The "Even bigger Sing" (Juniors), the Bush Cabaret (Whole school) and The Prep Concerts/Open Music class