Children are born scientists. They are naturally curious; they look at the world around them and develop their own ideas based on what they see and hear every day.
At Lara Lake Primary School, students from Foundation to Year Six will be actively engaged in a dynamic and challenging science program which aims to encourage curiosity and allow them to explore the world around them. During the course of the year, students will be exposed to hands-on experiences in Biological Science, Earth and Space, Chemical Science and Physical Science.

Students will be encouraged to take risks in their thinking, to investigate, to question, to explore and to explain their observations. They will be involved in designing and conducting fair tests and using their results to draw conclusions and evaluate their findings. Through teaching Science we aim for students to acquire knowledge and use the skills of scientific investigation, reasoning and analysis to ask questions and seek solutions about the world we live in. Students are encouraged to become scientists who are flexible, curious, reflective and respectful.

In Science there are constant connections with other subjects such as, reading, writing and mathematics. Technology is used across all year levels to ensure the Science program connects to the 21st century in which the children live in.