The Visual Art program is to be taught for the full school year. The program has its origins in the AusVELS document which determines what elements of visual art to teach. Lara Lake Primary School provides a fully functional Art Room as well as a support room to teach art to all year levels. Each student is assessed against the AusVELS indicators and a mid and end of year report is provided.


  • We learn Visual Art skills in grades Prep to Six
  • We learn to use a wide range of materials in our artwork
  • We use drawing, painting, sculpture, textiles and other techniques to express our ideas in creative ways
  • We have a sequential skills based visual art program at Lara Lake Primary School
  • We have specialist Visual Arts lessons in a purpose built Art room
  • We have classroom based art which enhances our theme based work
  • We have vibrant displays of our Art work around the school, including a fabulous student/teacher created wall mosaic featuring Lara's wonderful bird life, at the front of the school
  • Class Work

  • We work on open ended tasks to create art which expresses our own ideas
  • We use a wide variety of materials and media to create our art
  • We learn new techniques and skills in art, such as: painting techniques, printing, sculpture, construction, textiles, drawing and collage
  • We learn about other artists, and we learn to discuss our own and others art work
  • We learn about important art specific skills such as colour theory, perspective, 2 D and 3d shapes, pattern, line and texture
  • We are given the opportunity to use art in project work, as props and backdrops in concerts, and to enhance our learning in the classroom