Anaphylaxis and Medical Updates

Please keep the school (Administration / Teacher) informed about any medical issues your child may have, especially if their issue is anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction which must be diagnosed by a doctor. All students diagnosed with Anaphylaxis must provide an Anaphylaxis Management Plan, prepared and signed by a doctor, to the school along with the relevant medication i.e. Epipen.

Epipen medication expiry dates will be monitored by the First Aid Officer and reminder notes will be sent home requesting updated medication. It is the parent's responsibility to replace all out of date medication in a timely manner and to keep the school informed of any changes to their child's management plan. At the beginning of each year we request updated Anaphylaxis Management Plans be provided. During the Christmas school holidays is an excellent time to book a medical check up for your anaphylaxic child with their doctor so that up to date plans can be provided to the school at the beginning of the following school year.

A reminder that it is the parent/guardian responsibility to:-

  • Provide the ASCIA Action Plan
  • Inform the School in writing if their child's medical condition, insofar as it relates to allergy and the potential for anaphylactic reaction, changes and if relevant, provide an updated ASCIA Action Plan
  • Provide an up to date photo for the ASCIA Action Plan when that Plan is provided to the school and when it is reviewed
  • Provide the School with an Adrenaline Auto injector that is current and not expired, for their child.
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