Dear Parents,

Lara Lake Primary School has been deemed as approaching capacity by the SWR Department of Education and Training Victoria. Please refer to the attached information.

We are required to restrict our enrolments and student intake to a particular catchment around the actual school and accept enrolments from our specific catchment area only. We require proof of residency as your permanent residential address will determine whether your child is eligible to enrol in Lara Lake Primary School.  

Yours sincerely,

Steve Durkin


For children in Victoria, the designated neighbourhood Government school is generally the school that is nearest the student’s home.
In some instances, where there is pressure on enrolment capacity, the Department of Education and Training may designate a neighbourhood zone for a particular school campus, which means the school has a restricted enrolment. 
Most children attend primary school close to home. For state primary schools, a child is allocated a school in the neighbourhood zone where they live. Neighbourhood schools have an obligation to accept any student who lives in their zone. Please check your closest school at the Find My School website. 

Your child will usually go to the primary school closest to where your family lives, if they are attending a government school. You can choose to send your child to a different government primary school if they have places available, or to a Catholic or independent school.
When choosing a primary school for your child, you will need to think about your family circumstances and needs. For example:
How far do you want to travel and is the school reasonably close to home and/or work?
Will the school be able to cater for your child’s needs and interests?
What facilities do they offer and are you comfortable with the ‘feel’ of the school?
Will the teachers and the school curriculum support all aspects of your child’s development, including social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs?
Does the school’s policy on homework and discipline reflect your own values and expectations?
Does the school work in partnership with families?
In most instances, you will be able to enrol your child into the government primary school nearest to where you live. However, some primary schools need to restrict their enrolments – and the number of students they can take – to a particular area or zone around the actual school. This means that certain schools can only take students from a specific neighbourhood area. Where your permanent residential address is will determine whether your child is eligible to enrol in that school.
These enrolment restrictions are sometimes referred to as residential boundaries, school zones, enrolment ceilings or enrolment caps. The best way to check which schools have zones or restricted enrolments is to contact the school directly.

Currently Lara Lake Primary School is close to capacity and therefore can no longer enrol students from outside our catchment area. This may put pressure on the enrolment of siblings whose residence is outside our catchment area. 

General Enrolment Process

Please find attached to this article the Enrolment Documentation. Further information is available from the Lara Lake Primary School office if you require it.

An appointment with the School Principal is required prior to enrolments being accepted (excluding the large intake of Preps at the end of each year). Please phone (03) 5282 1261 to book an appointment for enrolment and to discuss the best educational outcomes for your child. If you prefer, you can pick up paperwork directly from the office.

Completing an enrolment form and providing a copy of the birth and immunisation certificates are a requirement of enrolment at Lara Lake Primary School. By law, primary schools are required to request and record information on the immunisation status of students prior to enrolment. Parents or guardians must provide an immunisation status certificate to the school regardless of whether the child is or is not immunised.
From 28 February 2018 only an Immunisation History Statement from the Australian Immunisation Register can be accepted as proof of immunisation status on school entry.
Documents produced by GPs or other immunisation providers are no longer acceptable as school entry immunisation status certificates.

Prep Enrolment Process

Enrolment for Prep students commences with a Prep Open Day, which is held each year during May. Please view our website during April of each year to confirm the date of the Open Day.  A morning and evening tour is offered through Lara Lake Primary School for all prospective Prep students and their parents. The morning tour offers a great opportunity to see Lara Lake Primary School in action, view the school buildings and facilities and hear information about the School.

If your Prep child is accepted for enrolment, further orientation activities are organised for later in the year. These orientation activities are especially designed to assist your child's transition from Kindergarten to Prep.  A letter confirming acceptance of enrolment for Preps in the following year, is sent out during September.

Enrolment Forms - General Enrolment Through the Year

Find attached the enrolment forms and other documentation to be filled out and handed in at the office for processing. It is a lengthy document, but necessary to ensure we are fully informing you of all aspects of school life and to gather important information. Uniform clothing items are to be purchased from Bellarine Uniforms, 162 Moorabool Street, Geelong Ph. 5221 9199.  Bags are available from the school.  Use the Qkr app to order and pay for them.

2019 Enrolment Forms 2019 Enrolment Forms (1579 KB)