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Remember to take care.

For the safety of children, parents are reminded to take care and obey parking signs when picking up or dropping off children around schools.  Council’s Parking & Information Officers regularly patrol school areas during start and finish times and motorists detected breaching parking regulations risk being issued with a Penalty Infringement Notice.

Remember, as soon as you stop to let your children in or out of the car, you are deemed to be parked.  You do not have to leave your car or turn the engine off to be fined so please ensure you are parked in a legal parking area.

At children’s crossings, you must remain stationary at the stop line while any person (including an adult or the supervisor) is on the crossing or the stop sign is displayed.  Do not let your child alight at this time, ensure that they wait until you are safely and legally parked.

If you breach a parking regulation the Parking & Information Officer assigned to monitor the crossing will usually record your registration number and details, and the Penalty Infringement Notice will be posted to you within the next three days.

Start dates for 2018

The first day of school in 2018 for all students is Tuesday 30th January.

Monday 29th January the teachers begin school and will be taking part in professional development.

Term 1: 30th January - 29th March

Term 2: 16th April - 29th June

Term 3: 16th July - 21st September

Term 4: 8th October - 21st December

Looking forward to new arrivals.

We are thrilled to announce that in 2018 there will be some new arrivals to the Lara Lake Primary School Community. 

Mrs. Jess Hull is expecting a bundle of joy in March, while Mrs. Ellie Johnson is expecting one in May! Both teachers will be back at Lara Lake Primary School to start off 2018. We wish them both the best of luck! At least we know they love children!

The Sunsmart time of the year has commenced.

A reminder that hats need to be worn from September 1st until the end of April 30th.

Due to potential allergic reactions, if the children wear sunscreen, it needs to be applied before school and for re-application students are required to carry their own sunscreen. 

Exciting games to play and prizes to win with School Banking.

On Monday 16th October 2017, School Banking will launch the Future Savers game, our first ever augmented reality experience.  This amazing technology will bring the future world to life for you to explore and play in with the 3D Dollarmites. Imagine flying a drone through a 3D futuristic city or playing hover basketball in your room while learning useful money lessons along the way.  The Future Savers game will have three fun challenges that will be unlocked week by week. Look out for another flyer with more informaiton when the Future Savers game is launched in Term 4. For now, learn more at

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Are you looking to hire a venue for your club?

The Lara Lake Primary School gymnasium is hired out most evenings to a local club however Saturday and Sunday are still available if there are any other clubs that might like to have access to a large hall with wooden basketball flooring, only suitable for runners / sneakers.  For all enquiries please contact the Business Manager, Kerry Hamence Ph. 52821261. All hirers need to have Public Liability insurance and sign a Lara Lake PS Hire Agreement. Charges for hall hire are as per the charge schedule, which will be made available upon expression of interest.

The school ‘squoval’ is also available for hire after school hours or during the weekend and/or school holidays. Again, there is a requirement for Public Liability insurance.